Project Articulate #15, volume 2


E.g. Honesty or trustfulness.

To whoever is reading this, you probably know how much greater it is to surrender to sincerity. For my case, it was the moment I skimmed through my last exam paper of the year. I faced failure and laughed at it.

The first exam of the day was a failure. Handing in my vote past the deadline was a hilarious failure. Not Revising a diagram that came up in my last geology exam was a preventable failure.

The thing about failure, guys – it makes you feel so much more grateful for future victories. Michael Jordan failed more times that he won. Yoda failed more than those who were just beginning. I’m not saying you should refer to me as a small green alien but all the greats are inescapable of failure. It’s the moment you see who you truly are. Will it break or make you?

Sitting in that exam hall I accepted 3 losses in one day knowing that this was not my final destination. This was a grounding exercise that would prove to be useful for my future rewards. There’s nothing more valuable than seeing the good in the bad and the bad in the good.

After living in Plymouth for a couple years, you always know the wind will behind you. Unable to fight it, you see where it takes you. And that’s exactly where I’m heading.

Project Articulate #14, volume 2


E.g. music or symphony.

My choice of cappella has changed a lot over the past few months. I listen to more electronic, rap/grime or drum and base currently. Occasionally I’ll go through a period of listening to Jeremy Loops constantly who doesn’t quite fit those genres. Or someone like Florence and the machine, who I binged on yesterday whilst revising. I only realised she released a new album a couple of years ago which was good but not as exciting as her older stuff. Deliah and Ship to Wreck are my favourites on ‘How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful’

I’ve also been playing with a lot of sounds. Because I turn on hip hop tracks with no lyrics whilst I read power points, I can overlap them with speeches. I even click on the google voice button for word definitions to add a different dimension. A great example of this is listening to Alan watts played over electrical sounds. The point is – I like layers. It’s one of the reasons I continue to collage because it brings so much together.

No doubt my music preferences will change continuously and so to will my methods of mixing cappella.

Project Articulate #13, volume 2


E.g. drawing or representation.

So I’ve been contemplating this tattoo depiction for a while. Yes, I’ve swung back to tattoos after turning my back on them. For a while I didn’t see the use in them, although when I realise that our bodies are temporary canvases it made something click in my head.

The tattoo would be an ammonite on the my shoulder either in a geometric design or a simpler version that focussed on the swirl. Because that’s the point of this tattoo – the outward swirl symbolising evolution. Ammonites are particularly well known for their evolution and adaptation rates in geology. It’s fitting to have a reminder of my degree as well.

Back to evolution though.

Dwayne ‘the rock’ Johnson admitted in a recent interview that he didn’t see himself carrying on as an actor until the day he dies. “Evolve” he ended the answer after describing his college years of dreaming to be a professional American footballer. I couldn’t help but think the same way. Not all of us are set out to be one thing but many things. For the older generation it made sense because of the lack of options, like how my Dad has worked for the same company for 20 years. Whereas today we have an abundance of options. Some industries take off in certain times, then eventually expire so you have to swim with the tide and trust that the wind will whole heartedly lead you in the right direction.

Adapt and evolve.

Project Articulate #12, volume 2


E.g. to have a controversial or debated problem.

Yesterday I carried out the morning like the rest of the week. Heading to the gym dressed as a chav from 2009, going over some driving theory and writing out my blog. I split the middle of the day to do some food shopping. On the way I passed a homeless man under the bypass. I didn’t have any change so I got him a snack from the shops.

This man was pleased to get some food but I wasn’t so pleased when I discovered he was a heroin addict trying to seek cash. A vexed conversation with a charity worker close by made me aware of this and I’ve read articles about how people in London fake homelessness so they can receive a bit of pocket money. Although, how are you to know which ones are actually homeless?

The charity worker proclaimed, “I tell this to people all time that they should be careful with how they give out their hard earned money. That’s why I’ve got them all rigged up so I know which ones need help. There are two proper homeless guys here and most of the rest are not”.

“I only give them food”, I answered.

“That’s good – food and clothes is all a homeless person needs”.

A vexed but one of the most insightful conversations I had that day.


Project Articulate #11, volume 2


E.g. abrupt or quick.

Last night I woke up to a sound that felt as if a bomb had just gone off nearby. A hasty flicker of light electrified the room like a horror movie. Thunder had come to town. It was so sudden yet expected with the weather being so humid lately. 

This morning I searched up the lightening in the local news and there it was. A student had caught action of it on camera with the thunder bolt striking just metres away from him. 

A quote from the Plymouth Herald read as, “we saw the action going on outside and thought it would be a good snapchat opportunity. Afterwards I went back inside to finish off my dissertation”.

My flatmates and I talked about it at breakfast which made me wonder how we’ve sucken to talking about the weather. Only yesterday Toby was saying how quickly our two years at university have passed. He’s right, although I can’t help but think that there must be more interesting things to talk about instead of time and weather. 

Project Articulate #10, volume 2


E.g. The outdoors or nature.

I got so glued to my seat yesterday that I had to get into the alfresco. That’s a nice word isn’t it?! Makes the outdoors feel like a really appetizing Italian meal.

I bought a handful of grapes and some dark chocolate to enjoy under a tree. I noticed that I didn’t even feel cold with the wind as I was right in the sun. It was such a gorgeous day that it felt surreal how I was the only one in the lower park. Other things I noticed, included the bronze trainers someone was wearing.

I was like “What are those!?”

Then when I got back to the house and saw my course mates sun burn, I was like – “How did you get that?”

Obviously, she had spent 5 hours in the sun. She was the opposite colour of the trainers I had previously seen.

Project Articulate #9, volume 2


E.g. passionate or strong love.

I can’t really recall what I did yesterday apart from going to the gym and revising. Therefore this post will be about one of my favourite things to do.

Some people like spending time on their xbox. Others like to chill with music but I enjoy watching YouTube videos of footballers. Their 10 minute videos of tricks, dribbles and wondergoals are amazing in my eyes. I don’t get a lot of time to play football. Infact, I don’t have a ball at my house. Our parents got rid of them all years ago when they decided there were too many. It’s hardly called nine ball so their decision did make sense. 

Having said that, it would be nice to have one just for tricks. A small one I could carry around with me. 

I’m thinking of writing a blog about the power of football. I get judged so much for being a fan of the simple sport, although that feels unjustified when there’s so much to learn from it. A pointless sport very much so, I know. It doesn’t mean there’s value in such a global phenomena.