Project Articulate #22, volume 2


E.g. Noisy or without discipline. 

The weather on my bike ride yesterday was calm compared to the rambunctious thunder we had the other day. I swear it’s meant to be summer over here in the UK. Clearly, June has other ideas. 

The bike had a huge puncture in it from the day of the storm so I used my dads one to cycle to hungerford. The town that I grew up in for 18 years. The town famous for the largest gun massacre in England. That town I used to call home. 

I haven’t been there for a while so it was interesting to see how the place has changed. No longer is the post office opposite the kebab shop. It’s hard to recognise anyone there these days and the bridge has finally been refurbished. 

No matter the change, it’s always good to go back where you came from. 


Project Articulate #21, volume 2


E.g. Nostalgic or emotional.

I heard that word last night whilst watching ‘Unstoppable’ last night. One of my favourite Denzel Washington movies.

The bit where Will looks at Frank anxiously and he responds with “Hey, don’t get sentimental on me. Makes me think I’m gonna die!”

I’ve watched a lot of great films recently. American Pie 2, The Bucket List, Forest Gump, Yes Man, Eat-Pray-Love and others that I’ve probably forgotten. Some life-changing films in there that I’ve never seen before.

My favourite one out of all of them was probably Eat, Pray, Love which was probably the most sentimental of them all. It’s also based on the book by Elizabeth Gilbert. I’ve read another one of her books called ‘Big Magic’ but the great thing about a film is it’s a quick version of a book. Time is on your own terms when you watch a 2 hour film, unless you’re Tai Lopez and can read a book in a day.

Who knows – maybe one day I’ll make a film.

Project Articulate #20, volume 2


E.g. lethargic or lazy.

A torpid day that was only involved sending some mail at the most. I sent a letter to Zoe in Australia, although I forgot to write her name on it – really sorry.

Here’s the weird thing about sending letters. They’re glorified for making their way across continents and oceans even though we can guarantee that they’ll make it there safely anyway. They’re romanticised out of proportion for the effort they show but surely it’s just as meaningful to send a text. After all, at least you can get a quicker reply.

“They’re a waste of paper, ink and are out-dated and ….”

I could go on but that still doesn’t take away the emotion it creates on a persons face. That moment is priceless and well worth the effort. A sense of surprise that can’t be measured.

Project Articulate #19, volume 2


E.g. Gardening.

My parents threw me in the garden whilst the sun was out in the morning. They’ve changed the front so there’s some nice holes in the ground. Unfortunately that means we can’t play basketball much anymore. If they keep the holes then we could play golf instead. Keeping a spot for the cats to chill in the sun is a necessity as well

Regardless, it should look nice when it’s all finished. I feel like my parents do it because it gives the house re-sale value. A bit like how Arsene Wenger buys footballers for Arsenal FC. 

Project Articulate #18, volume 2


E.g. subject to decay or destruction.

At 10AM my dad arrived at the front of the house with his red ford focus. He’d already put the back seats down so I could fit my bike in with a few boxes and bags. We left quickly and talked about driving lessons as he’d seen a school just as he entered the city. We discussed my plans for the summer as well which felt productive. He helped me think about food ideas for my geology fieldtrip as I need perishable food.

The rest of the journey felt like a breeze as we listened to some blues/ rock music. A couple of Rolling stones tunes got him tapping his fingers on the wheel and I thought that it must have triggered some good memories from when the songs were first released. Music is powerful in that way because it can bring back memories. I wonder what kind of things he was doing when he first listened to those songs at a young age.

Road trips are fun. I mean you feel like you’re getting stuff done because you’re moving but in reality it’s just passive. Opportunities to listen to music, observe your surroundings and talk with a good friend are few and far in between. It’s why I need more road trips.


Project Articulate #17, volume 2


E.g. Mexican men and women with supreme knowledge.

I was given a Toltec book from Sarah as a late birthday present. for a while now, I have had an intense fascination about Latin America. The motivation to discover more about their cultures is there and this book written by Don Miguel Ruiz is one step closer to that. Thank you Sarah for an awesome gift!

Sarah and Denny were my flatmates from last year. The 3 of us being the only ones who got along in a flat of 5. It didn’t matter however, as the quality of their friendship is worth millions. You know you’ve hit the jackpot when friends become family. I’m not talking about marriage. Instead, the kind of relationships that are tight, dependable and so upbeat that any adversity is tackled with grace. Relationships that help you grow more. Friends that see something in you that no one else sees because they already know you inside out.

Everyone deserves to have these kinds of relationships. Maybe we should be taught in school how to find them. For me, surrounding yourself with the right people is far more valuable than any maths equation I ever learnt.

Project Articulate #16, volume 2


E.g. thankfulness or gratitude.

The evening was topped with a visit to bovisand for a quick bbq after a productive committee meeting. Toby, Mirela and I ate dinner together. We had a few laughs about Toby’s meal – pasta with burgers. Then joined Kat in the living room to watch American pie 2. A hilarious film that symbolises student life to the core. 

The reason I feel a great deal of requital is that I may not have been able to do that. Earlier in the afternoon we were enjoying a few drinks at pub across from uni when a couple of loud bangs went off. Almost the sound of gunshots. Everyone in the pub and outside froze. Silence quickly fell until a pimped black car speeded off from the traffick lighs. Its was obvious that it was the exhaust of a car although that moment made me poo my pants for a second. With all the fiasco that’s going on it could have been a totally different event. 

I feel a lot of requital that it wasn’t.