The Oslo Trip

This trip has been in the making for a while. Spending time with one of my closest friends in Norway finally came around and it was a hell of an adventure. 

Arriving on the Wednesday afternoon in sunny Oslo was welcomed by making tofu spring rolls in the evening. A delicious meal that was enjoyed outside with Sofia’s room mate as well. “Shempe got” (if that’s how you spell it). The next day we headed to one of the islands near Oslo to soak in the sun at the beach. Swimming with jelly fish and winning a game of chess were nice surprises. Grilling our own burgers added to the feeling of a perfect day. 

We took a bus journey to the suburbs of Oslo to experience The Well on Friday. Scandinavias largest spa and sauna experience that is best done nude. Yes my friends, nude. Egos were left at the door whilst we took part in scrubs naked, swam naked and rested naked. The liberation in swimming without clothes is unreal, not to forget the hot tubs as well. This place was one of my highlights – not because of all the nakedness though. Reaching that state of serenity and mellowness naturally is something I’ve been aspiring for since. 

As well as partying and visiting the Scotsman pub for a cocktail, I did go hiking in the hills just outside of Oslo. The original plan was to go north but there are loads of better routes around frognersatteren. Grefsenkollen has the prime view for Oslo. So good it’s nicknamed ‘over oslo’, which is where the picture is taken from. I used the time in nature to read ‘walking with Einstein’ by Joshua Foer. A very good read for anyone interested in how to remember more stuff. 

Sofia and I completed most of the museums in one day. The contemporary art museum had a Chinese display on, insights from Syrian refugees were shown at the Nobel peace prize museum and routes of the famous kon tiki expedition resembled so much bravery. Learning about the kon tiki mission left me very inspired and wanting to learn more. Before I left Oslo I had to check out Under The Bridge festival. A unique venue with so much on offer. Live street art was performed in the midst of rock roll and techno music. Again next year maybe?

This trip couldn’t be complete however, without a call to the kids at the blind school we volunteered at in Nepal. Hearing their replies later on were something you couldn’t put a price on.
P.s. This blog marks the final day of some needed offline time from social media. This trip has had such a profound effect on me that I didn’t want any distractions to soak in the lessons properly. More time to have fun as well!


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