Project Articulate #21, volume 2


E.g. Nostalgic or emotional.

I heard that word last night whilst watching ‘Unstoppable’ last night. One of my favourite Denzel Washington movies.

The bit where Will looks at Frank anxiously and he responds with “Hey, don’t get sentimental on me. Makes me think I’m gonna die!”

I’ve watched a lot of great films recently. American Pie 2, The Bucket List, Forest Gump, Yes Man, Eat-Pray-Love and others that I’ve probably forgotten. Some life-changing films in there that I’ve never seen before.

My favourite one out of all of them was probably Eat, Pray, Love which was probably the most sentimental of them all. It’s also based on the book by Elizabeth Gilbert. I’ve read another one of her books called ‘Big Magic’ but the great thing about a film is it’s a quick version of a book. Time is on your own terms when you watch a 2 hour film, unless you’re Tai Lopez and can read a book in a day.

Who knows – maybe one day I’ll make a film.


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