Project Articulate #18, volume 2


E.g. subject to decay or destruction.

At 10AM my dad arrived at the front of the house with his red ford focus. He’d already put the back seats down so I could fit my bike in with a few boxes and bags. We left quickly and talked about driving lessons as he’d seen a school just as he entered the city. We discussed my plans for the summer as well which felt productive. He helped me think about food ideas for my geology fieldtrip as I need perishable food.

The rest of the journey felt like a breeze as we listened to some blues/ rock music. A couple of Rolling stones tunes got him tapping his fingers on the wheel and I thought that it must have triggered some good memories from when the songs were first released. Music is powerful in that way because it can bring back memories. I wonder what kind of things he was doing when he first listened to those songs at a young age.

Road trips are fun. I mean you feel like you’re getting stuff done because you’re moving but in reality it’s just passive. Opportunities to listen to music, observe your surroundings and talk with a good friend are few and far in between. It’s why I need more road trips.



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