Project Articulate #17, volume 2


E.g. Mexican men and women with supreme knowledge.

I was given a Toltec book from Sarah as a late birthday present. for a while now, I have had an intense fascination about Latin America. The motivation to discover more about their cultures is there and this book written by Don Miguel Ruiz is one step closer to that. Thank you Sarah for an awesome gift!

Sarah and Denny were my flatmates from last year. The 3 of us being the only ones who got along in a flat of 5. It didn’t matter however, as the quality of their friendship is worth millions. You know you’ve hit the jackpot when friends become family. I’m not talking about marriage. Instead, the kind of relationships that are tight, dependable and so upbeat that any adversity is tackled with grace. Relationships that help you grow more. Friends that see something in you that no one else sees because they already know you inside out.

Everyone deserves to have these kinds of relationships. Maybe we should be taught in school how to find them. For me, surrounding yourself with the right people is far more valuable than any maths equation I ever learnt.


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