Project Articulate #16, volume 2


E.g. thankfulness or gratitude.

The evening was topped with a visit to bovisand for a quick bbq after a productive committee meeting. Toby, Mirela and I ate dinner together. We had a few laughs about Toby’s meal – pasta with burgers. Then joined Kat in the living room to watch American pie 2. A hilarious film that symbolises student life to the core. 

The reason I feel a great deal of requital is that I may not have been able to do that. Earlier in the afternoon we were enjoying a few drinks at pub across from uni when a couple of loud bangs went off. Almost the sound of gunshots. Everyone in the pub and outside froze. Silence quickly fell until a pimped black car speeded off from the traffick lighs. Its was obvious that it was the exhaust of a car although that moment made me poo my pants for a second. With all the fiasco that’s going on it could have been a totally different event. 

I feel a lot of requital that it wasn’t. 


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