Project Articulate #15, volume 2


E.g. Honesty or trustfulness.

To whoever is reading this, you probably know how much greater it is to surrender to sincerity. For my case, it was the moment I skimmed through my last exam paper of the year. I faced failure and laughed at it.

The first exam of the day was a failure. Handing in my vote past the deadline was a hilarious failure. Not Revising a diagram that came up in my last geology exam was a preventable failure.

The thing about failure, guys – it makes you feel so much more grateful for future victories. Michael Jordan failed more times that he won. Yoda failed more than those who were just beginning. I’m not saying you should refer to me as a small green alien but all the greats are inescapable of failure. It’s the moment you see who you truly are. Will it break or make you?

Sitting in that exam hall I accepted 3 losses in one day knowing that this was not my final destination. This was a grounding exercise that would prove to be useful for my future rewards. There’s nothing more valuable than seeing the good in the bad and the bad in the good.

After living in Plymouth for a couple years, you always know the wind will behind you. Unable to fight it, you see where it takes you. And that’s exactly where I’m heading.


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