Project Articulate #14, volume 2


E.g. music or symphony.

My choice of cappella has changed a lot over the past few months. I listen to more electronic, rap/grime or drum and base currently. Occasionally I’ll go through a period of listening to Jeremy Loops constantly who doesn’t quite fit those genres. Or someone like Florence and the machine, who I binged on yesterday whilst revising. I only realised she released a new album a couple of years ago which was good but not as exciting as her older stuff. Deliah and Ship to Wreck are my favourites on ‘How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful’

I’ve also been playing with a lot of sounds. Because I turn on hip hop tracks with no lyrics whilst I read power points, I can overlap them with speeches. I even click on the google voice button for word definitions to add a different dimension. A great example of this is listening to Alan watts played over electrical sounds. The point is – I like layers. It’s one of the reasons I continue to collage because it brings so much together.

No doubt my music preferences will change continuously and so to will my methods of mixing cappella.


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