Project Articulate #13, volume 2


E.g. drawing or representation.

So I’ve been contemplating this tattoo depiction for a while. Yes, I’ve swung back to tattoos after turning my back on them. For a while I didn’t see the use in them, although when I realise that our bodies are temporary canvases it made something click in my head.

The tattoo would be an ammonite on the my shoulder either in a geometric design or a simpler version that focussed on the swirl. Because that’s the point of this tattoo – the outward swirl symbolising evolution. Ammonites are particularly well known for their evolution and adaptation rates in geology. It’s fitting to have a reminder of my degree as well.

Back to evolution though.

Dwayne ‘the rock’ Johnson admitted in a recent interview that he didn’t see himself carrying on as an actor until the day he dies. “Evolve” he ended the answer after describing his college years of dreaming to be a professional American footballer. I couldn’t help but think the same way. Not all of us are set out to be one thing but many things. For the older generation it made sense because of the lack of options, like how my Dad has worked for the same company for 20 years. Whereas today we have an abundance of options. Some industries take off in certain times, then eventually expire so you have to swim with the tide and trust that the wind will whole heartedly lead you in the right direction.

Adapt and evolve.


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