Project Articulate #12, volume 2


E.g. to have a controversial or debated problem.

Yesterday I carried out the morning like the rest of the week. Heading to the gym dressed as a chav from 2009, going over some driving theory and writing out my blog. I split the middle of the day to do some food shopping. On the way I passed a homeless man under the bypass. I didn’t have any change so I got him a snack from the shops.

This man was pleased to get some food but I wasn’t so pleased when I discovered he was a heroin addict trying to seek cash. A vexed conversation with a charity worker close by made me aware of this and I’ve read articles about how people in London fake homelessness so they can receive a bit of pocket money. Although, how are you to know which ones are actually homeless?

The charity worker proclaimed, “I tell this to people all time that they should be careful with how they give out their hard earned money. That’s why I’ve got them all rigged up so I know which ones need help. There are two proper homeless guys here and most of the rest are not”.

“I only give them food”, I answered.

“That’s good – food and clothes is all a homeless person needs”.

A vexed but one of the most insightful conversations I had that day.



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