Project Articulate #11, volume 2


E.g. abrupt or quick.

Last night I woke up to a sound that felt as if a bomb had just gone off nearby. A hasty flicker of light electrified the room like a horror movie. Thunder had come to town. It was so sudden yet expected with the weather being so humid lately. 

This morning I searched up the lightening in the local news and there it was. A student had caught action of it on camera with the thunder bolt striking just metres away from him. 

A quote from the Plymouth Herald read as, “we saw the action going on outside and thought it would be a good snapchat opportunity. Afterwards I went back inside to finish off my dissertation”.

My flatmates and I talked about it at breakfast which made me wonder how we’ve sucken to talking about the weather. Only yesterday Toby was saying how quickly our two years at university have passed. He’s right, although I can’t help but think that there must be more interesting things to talk about instead of time and weather. 


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