Project Articulate #10, volume 2


E.g. The outdoors or nature.

I got so glued to my seat yesterday that I had to get into the alfresco. That’s a nice word isn’t it?! Makes the outdoors feel like a really appetizing Italian meal.

I bought a handful of grapes and some dark chocolate to enjoy under a tree. I noticed that I didn’t even feel cold with the wind as I was right in the sun. It was such a gorgeous day that it felt surreal how I was the only one in the lower park. Other things I noticed, included the bronze trainers someone was wearing.

I was like “What are those!?”

Then when I got back to the house and saw my course mates sun burn, I was like – “How did you get that?”

Obviously, she had spent 5 hours in the sun. She was the opposite colour of the trainers I had previously seen.


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