Project Articulate #9, volume 2


E.g. passionate or strong love.

I can’t really recall what I did yesterday apart from going to the gym and revising. Therefore this post will be about one of my favourite things to do.

Some people like spending time on their xbox. Others like to chill with music but I enjoy watching YouTube videos of footballers. Their 10 minute videos of tricks, dribbles and wondergoals are amazing in my eyes. I don’t get a lot of time to play football. Infact, I don’t have a ball at my house. Our parents got rid of them all years ago when they decided there were too many. It’s hardly called nine ball so their decision did make sense. 

Having said that, it would be nice to have one just for tricks. A small one I could carry around with me. 

I’m thinking of writing a blog about the power of football. I get judged so much for being a fan of the simple sport, although that feels unjustified when there’s so much to learn from it. A pointless sport very much so, I know. It doesn’t mean there’s value in such a global phenomena. 


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