Project Articulate #6, Volume 2


E.g. experienced in the imagination through the feelings or actions of another person. 

Today’s word comes from my good friend Sofia who I met in Nepal last summer. She learnt this word the other day and used it to describe how she experiences other passions through her best friend. 

I had to be rather vicarious yesterday morning when I went to my secretary training. I’m on the committee for climbing and caving society next year and I had to imagine how my friend did the role last year. 

All these factors that came into play, such as booking rooms, arranging meetings and replying to emails. This carnage was created in my mind for the year ahead. As soon as I got back to the house I told her hiw under-estimated her role had been for the past year! She seemed bemused. 

“All I do is copy and paste phrases into my emails”

The most hilarious response I’d every heard. I went even further and asked the society President about how serious it was. His reply was – “not really, I don’t bother at any rate.” 

After that I was the chillest person in the world!


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