Volume 2, Project Articulate #2


E.g. logic related to belief or disbelief

So the blog is back as you may gathered. I could have said something about it yesterday although I got too caught up in the excitement. Blogs will be posted daily again as my coursework deadlines are finished and I need structure to my day. More so, creativity keeps me upbeat when I have to devote so much time to revision.

A staff member at the gym yesterday had a doxastic conversation going on. I managed to overhear his dilemma with cleaning up ants in the yoga studio. He was going to eradicate them because of complaints, however there were Buddhists doing yoga that demanded they should be kept alive. “Every animal is treated as their mum in a past life, but an ant doesn’t know it’s your mum does it!” he proclaimed. I’m not sure how much I should say because I don’t want to get the guy in trouble. He seemed torn as he could upset a religion by doing his job or fail to respond to complaints and then lose his job.

“Suppose I could hoover up the ants because then I wouldn’t be killing them, the hoover would.” The man went on. “Maybe I shouldn’t even go out the house so I don’t tread on any ants!”


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