Volume 2, Project Articulate #1


E.g. to be excited or ecstatic about.

As I waited to head off for the colour campus dash, I read a chapter of ‘Doing Good Better’. A book I’m learning a lot about charity work from. When there’s nothing else to do and you have waiting time it’s the best opportunity for reading. Making time for such a priority is important. I need to find more time for it. 

I poured a bottle of red bull down my throat and warmed up for the event. Luckily I met up with a coursemate a few seconds before the race to my surprise. As soon as we crossed the start line we urgently tried to collect all the colours. Paint was thrown whilst other runners jumped over haystacks. At the end of it all we had a huge paint party on top of the SU. 

I spent the afternoon revising in the library. Sat there at the computer I got a message from Hannah asking to come out for cocktails. How could I refuse on a sunday night?! Mirela and I joined her with the boyfriend at caffeine club where we shared drinks and food. We spent the end of the night playing just dance 3. A great day all round.


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