Project Articulate #26


E.g. to remind you of something or an experience.

“I’m wide awake on memories. These memories can’t wait”

Last nights BBQ on the beach redolent those lyrics to one of the my favourite songs by Talking Heads. To think I almost didn’t go is laughable. Regretting some thing such as that would have been silly in my eyes. The weather was decent for it even though I didn’t go for a swim. Many had wetsuits so they jumped in and swam off as a school of dolphins beneath the setting sun. Alex Thomas, our climbing secretary for A and E, went for boulder on the cliff face before diving into the sea again. Others like Dan Banks (we call him ‘Banksy’) were not so lucky as he scraped his foot on a rock. I only noticed the significance of his injury when we were throwing an American football with each other.

At dark we started a large fire to dry ourselves off. We laughed about how this was the only Adventure and Expedition event we’d done in a while. Liz said there’ll be more events going on between exams which I look forward to. Meanwhile, these memories can’t wait.


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