Project Articulate #25


E.g. to have a great pleasure or love.

One of my favourite delectations is meeting friends on campus during the day! The kind of thing my Dad takes pride in. It was such a brilliant day. I got some coursework done even though it’s not quite finished. I’ve got a couple days so it will be alright. Between trips to the library I met Hannah (new housemate for next year), Sarah (my old housemate), James (a coursemate of mine) and Denny (one of my closest friends). The best thing about it is the requirement for little to no effort. All it needs is randomness. Of course it was even better that I got to see Denny and friends in the evening.

I hadn’t seen Hannah in a while so it was good catching up with her and arranging tonight’s shenanigans. She was showing her new shoes when I noticed a van reversing behind her. Without caution, the driver flew straight into the parked motorbikes on the other side. 3 of them fell over and a couple of windmirrors went flying. All he did was prop them back up so he could run away from the crime scene. If only he knew that slapstick humour was another delectation of mine.


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