Project Articulate #24


E.g. to find interesting or compelling.

I couldn’t think of a word for yesterdays events in the field as it was just as fun and productive as the previous one. Therefore I googled ‘interesting words’ although I forgot that it would give me synonyms for the word ‘interesting’. It sparked a memory of a scene from the film ‘captain fantastic’ where the father tells his children that it’s illegal to say interesting as an adjective. In the same movie, the family travel around in a converted school bus which looks awesome. Maybe the word I should have searched a synonym for muse as the movie has planted a book idea in my head.

I don’t want to say too much, although the plot of the outline would be that 4 guys in their teens travel to Spain after graduating from an all-boys school.  They intend to go on a lads holiday but when they realise how bad the connection between the UK and the rest of Europe has become it leads them to quit plans for uni to travel around the continent in a van. With a football and a couple of cameras, they document their jouney to re-energise the disconnected continent. 

It’s a dream of mine to do something like that in real life but I’ve got too much going on right now. Instead, why not write it down (I can only keep so many ideas in my head anyway). So if you like this concept, please ripen it and I will be grateful for you. 


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