Project Articulate #23


E.g. to feel fear or anxiety.

Talking about problems of the world might have set some trepidation into my day. I don’t know how myself and James, my coursemate, got onto it. We had been talking about the Olympics and it somehow ended at fracking in the U.S. It made the walk to the field site feel shorter. One of a lecturers was at the beach today to help us with unfinished tasks so there was an urgency to sponge off information as best we could. Other coursemates began to panic when midday struck for them to realise how little they had done. I wanted to tell them that their work was wrong but they had drawn a folding cross-section that looked like a vagina which was hilarious. Some of them couldn’t even see it, although they still copied the female organ interpretation off everyone else. 

After lunch, we got our heads screwed back on to understand what was truly going on and we felt more comfortable knowing that we could be finished by Wednesday. We packed up to leave the beach so that we could get home quicker. Adam got in his car to show off how fast he could spin it round the car park. I didn’t know why this was necessary yet I still put a fiver on for him to crash it. ‘POP!’, the car had abruptly stopped. We rushed over to see the damage of the number plate on the bonet. It was hilariously bad but not that bad! Brodie joked about how it gave the car a bit of character. Sure enough, the trepidation was short lived as we discovered how much worse it could have been. 


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