Project Articulate #22


E.g. serious or immediate danger

Our back garden can be a place of peril. Not only have my flatmates and I caught an over-exposure of the suns rays out there, other problems have stemmed from our actions. Now we where hats and sunglasses to prevent sunburn but we probably need goggles from the other shinanigans we get up to. 

Yesterday afternoon was when most of us woke up so Hayden and I took the dartboard outside to have a game or two. I should remind you that no health and safety forms were signed in the process of balancing the board on a a bin and a stack of boxes. Still, we managed it alright. It only started to get more serious when Hayden took his throwing knives out. A couple of ‘nose-throws’ and the board fell down in hollywood style. One of the funniest things I’d seen in a while!

When we finished, Hayden knew that he would be having steak for dinner so he left them outside for them to defrost. What he didn’t remember was we live in a densely populated sea gull area. And to no surprise his dinner was attacked by an army of mini albatrosses. The peril of leaving food unattended outside.


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