Why Everyone is a H.I.P.P.Y

Labels, labels, lables…

There’s so many names for groups that get thrown around these days. Possibly one of the reasons we feel more segregated than ever. I think we need unity quickly which is why I have a proposal that we all come under one label. We are all human so that’s the label we should come under, although I want to prove why you are a hippy in disguise. Besides, H.I.P.P.Y can stand for Humans In Puzzled Places Yielding. Here are 6 reasons why:

  1. If you express gratitude. Whether your faith or an experience has made you feel more alive and grateful for every breathe, then it all ties into one. In psychology, it is well-documented how a practise of gratitude can re-set your brain into thinking more positively. This powerful technique is probably used in your life more often than you think, like when you miss a train for work and then hear later about how that particular carriage was in an accident.
  2. If you object against any system. The main part of being a hippy in the 60’s was going against societies traditions and expectations. An alternate life was wanted because they didn’t want to settle. When you think for yourself you choose not to associate with experience that don’t serve you. You’re going all in on your desires.
  3. If you express yourself in any artistic form. Marc Chagall once said “Art must be an expression of love or it is nothing” which sums it perfectly. All art requires imagination before it is put into action and imagination is another ingredient of the hippy lifestyle – no-one can deny it. I catch right wing ideologists in my classes doodling on their notes, which is no different to a professional artist putting their heart and soul into a large canvas. The reason there’s no difference between the two is because both involve the process of creation.
  4. If you enjoy travelling with your friends. As you become more cultured and see new places, you begin to think in new ways. Adding new meals to your diet that spark memories in foreign places. Most of you have done it, whether it’s a family trip abroad or a road trip to another part of the country – you’re all guilty of travelling new lands.
  5. If you take pride in your food. You don’t even have to be vegetarian or vegan as long as you understand where it’s coming from. Remember in the film ‘Avatar’ in the scene that Jake Sully kills his first prey shortly before honouring its death. This kind of connection is more organic than buying an avocado at your local supermarket because you don’t see the process its been through. So understanding the value of where you buy your food essentially makes you a hippy.
  6. If you exercise consistently. Any type of physical activity is said to be considered a form of meditation. Your body becomes more in sync with your breath when your climbing, swimming, doing yoga or just kicking a football. Who said you had to dress up in a toga to meditate?

Lastly, if you don’t agree with this blog (I respect your opinion) refer back to point 2. Objecting against a belief is a sign you are a hippy.


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