Project Articulate #21


E.g. To have amusement or laughter.

Unable to conceal my mirth I left the silent library in the late afternoon. I gave up and packed up my revision notes for the day. The type of day when you ask yourself why you’re working inside whilst it’s all rosy outside. My phone kept receiving messages from my friends for me to come out and I caved in. As long as your day’s been a success I see the evenings as a time to chill. A time to treat yourself. I bought healthy snacks because that’s what guests are meant to do, I guess. Only problem was I came back with more food (not that I’m complaining). The food wasn’t all, my friend found some rocks for my collection from the beach the other day. They had spent the day at Bantham beach which was where I used to go with my family as a kid. We would spend the summers camping in Devon so that we could visit different beaches every time, as well as the odd theme park. Those times were very memorable and must have shaped some of my early ways of thinking. I still enjoy camping till this day but it’s all about the company. Yesterday evening I was in great company – That’s what matters more than anything. I’m still having mirth from last night which makes me look weird for laughing at nothing. That’s when you know you’ve got serious after-laugh!


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