Project Articulate #20


E.g. To think clearly or logically

Dreams usually feel surreal or out of our control, but because I was lucid dreaming last night they became cogent to me. I loved them so much that it’s not even worth talking about yesterdays events. Halfway through the night I became lucid probably because of a dream involving my family. We were all at the dinner table celebrating my brothers achievements and I had nothing to prove for myself. In fact, before we sat down I had typically made a cataclysmic error. I can’t even remember what I did. Yet, I still felt jealousy for not being as skilled as them. Someone at the table triggered me and I released my anger at my brothers swearing in their faces. It went even further when my Gran gave me a birthday present which I rejected. This behaviour is not normal for me so I realised this was a bad dream. Frustration towards certain family members made it clear why my subconscious created this scenario.

I woke up to remember a quote by Captain Jack Sparrow…

“Close your eyes and pretend it’s all a bad dream, that’s how I get by”

A quote that I like to live by when things aren’t going so well. So when I did close my eyes again, I could begin to dictate the outcome of the dream state. This time I started dreaming about a basketball match that I was playing in, although this match consisted of 2 men a side. My partner was so good that we made it to the final for our hopes to be crushed when we lost in the last minute of the epic finale. Back in the changing rooms I switched to some new trainers before coming out to a two-a-side football tournament. We played amazing this time with tricks, skills and stunning goals to win us the final. It all became cogent when I remembered from the previous dream that my mum had said “Don’t compare yourself to your brothers because you have a war chest of skills that’s incomparable”.


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