Project Articulate #19


E.g. to involve strenuous or tiring effort.

Putting out the smoke from the oven involved arduous effort once again. It burst into flames the previous night when I was using it and for Toby, my housemate, it created the same nightmare. We probably need to clean it, although for now it will be off limits for health and safety reasons. I don’t how much more of the fumes I can inhale. It reminded me of a guy I was dating. So many events around his life kept going wrong whilst we were dating and I did accept it but there was only so much of it I could take as it took a toll on his mood. Like with the oven, I thought the only way to resolve the situation was to let it cool off. Toby must have felt the same way recently as he stopped seeing someone after finding it all too arduous. I love Toby. He’s a funny guy but he thinks too much and reminds me of the place I was in last year. Irresponsible, an overthinker and unable to cook a decent meal. The role I play this time is that of my housemate last year who taught me everything from cleaning to stacking the right spices on the shelves. It’s funny how I appear to be the teacher this time but hopefully I can teach him enough skills over this year and next. 


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