Project Articulate #18


E.g. tall or imposing height.

I looked up and stared at 3 lofty paragliders in the clouds. Minimal effort was needed for them to glide in the breeze and it looked relaxing. More distracting from my angle however, because I was meant to be doing fieldwork on the beach. From the sky I must have appeared as a penguin standing with my head tilted backwards. My course requires looking down all the time that I never get much time to take in my surroundings and this was a great excuse to look up. I’ve noticed how most people don’t look up nowadays so those paragliders could have been promoting North Koreas nuclear arsenal, yet no-one would have bat an eyelid. I like the idea going to a lofty destination when I graduate. Currently I dream of Peru or the Alps of Western Europe. What I do know is I need to travel more and whether that’s by plane or paragliding – I just need to do it.


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