Project Articulate #17


E.g. to be fully focussed or fixed upon

I got so enrapt in Gary Vee content last night that I stormed through a series of sketches – I was that focussed. Nothing could stop me, not even dinner. That feeling of being pumped for doing more is unbelievably fulfilling. That’s when I decided to enrapt on 3 types of art that I can produce quickly. It’s all about daily content. Creating every. Single. Day. 

My morning was spent travelling from Ramsbury to Bristol with my Dad. We spoke for a bit but we’re not the most talkative people even when we do have enough sleep. ‘Hey Jude’ played on repeat from Bristol to Plymouth. The fact that I didn’t really do much in the morning and afternoon must have worked me up to get into such a rush in the evening. I could have spent my time travelling more productively like I usually do but this ride was for the enjoyment of the journey.


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