Project Articulate #16


(disclaimer- proposed band name)

‘Dreams Are Wild Nights’ is the name I came up with for my band in the car. My family had finished our Easter Monday up at the cousins which happened to be a fun time. The journey home was pretty silent as everyone was tired out from eating pastries at lunch. Indie tunes screamed out of the radio the whole way back and it got me thinking of a band name because of the original titles produced by performers. It’s interesting how the process of a name comes about as it has to be quirky yet still relate to your genre or character. I looked down at my phond and remembered that LG stands for ‘Life’s Good’ so I wanted something similar. However, something not quite so cheesy! To relate it to my character I threw in ‘dreams’ which usually occur at night. Then I quickly noticed that I was making an anogram so I searched up an adjective in my head beginning with W. Wonderful is nice yet it didn’t make sense. I like the name although I don’t really make music. Perhaps I could fit it into some other manner.


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