Project Articulate #15


E.g. bland or mundane entertainment.

Hangovers the next day are a great excuse for pabulum activities. These are times of ussful reflection of the previous nights shenanigans I woke up to a cold morning on a sofa in my buddies house. The heater had been turned off before we went to sleep so that we couldn’t burn the house down. Because if this it happened to be one of the chilliest nights of my life, especially because the drunk version of me decided to not sleep with a blanket. Once everyone woke up in half sober states, we scoffed down sandwiches cooked my Tom’s dad. That man knows how to cook. He should set up a restaurant when he retires next year. In between seconds and thirds Tom kept reminding me about dubious songs played the previous night. Tributes to George Michael made sense but we forgot to play any Bowie or Prince. Regardless, it was a good night. I caught a train back with another friend to Hungerford and fell into bed as soon as I got home. Sick, paralysed and broken meant that I had to write off the rest of the day. 


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