Project Articulate #14


E.g. to accidentally stumble across something wonderful or great.

During a crazy saturday I came across a new episode of my favourite podcast. They hadn’t done one in over a year so it was a complete serendipity! Who knows when I’ll get to listen to a new one? Anyway, back to Saturday. I woke up early and had a quick gym sesh followed by breakfast with a protein shake. Sketching whilst watching YouTube videos shortly followed and by the time lunch came around the Grandparents had arrived. My Dads parents joined in watching some action in the Indian cricket league on TV. Something that my Uncle wouldn’t care to pay attention to. Lunch was amazing because it came with dessert. Yes – dessert in the middle of the day. More cricket watching continued afterwards until it was time for goodbyes. I carried on with revsion in the late afternoon. Worked on my notes in a relaxed manner. When I was at a school re-union party later that night I found out that someone studying the same course as me has 7 exams this summer. Perspective is everything. So much so that it was important to enjoy my time dancing with friends. I like to think I can’t dance but a little bit of alcohol turns me into Britney Spears.


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