Project Articulate #13


E.g. to relax or unwind

I want to say that yesterday was full of fun but in reality it was a nothing day. Yesterday was pacify day. As I woke up late it meant I only did a gym session in the morning. Right after lunch my dad and I went for a drive, to get me back into the rythm of it again. Although apart from that the rest of the day was spent in my room. As you can tell from these blogs, I need sleep like a cat. It feels refreshing afterwards to know your brain has had deserved rest. Too much thinking and reading during the holidays can burn me out. Maybe not for Gary Vee, although he’s a different kind of creature. The type that likes to sleep with background noise in the city that never sleeps. He’s a hero but I’ve got to stick to my DNA. Hustle is his game and pacify is mine. 


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