Project Articulate #7


E.g. Prone to giving unwanted advice.

Giving advice is always hard no matter the situation. We all struggle to at best of times. It’s why I cherish it so much when friends compliment me on the times I get it right. It makes me wonder if I should be a councillor considering I enjoy listening to people’s problems. It feels more real. Not that there’s anything wrong with the good. I just feel being vulnerable is incredibly powerful. Despite all this, I ended up being incredibly officious last night. One of my brothers friends came round for pre-drinks. I chatted with him about football and uni before he left but when we were talking about exams I told him to start revising soon. I mean obviously! No-one had ever said something more dumb in that moment. I laugh back on it now. I’ve learnt that if I’m less nervous I can give proper advice. Or be nervous and create something funny to look back on. 


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