Project Articulate #6


E.g. tasty or delicious

Stir fry has to be one of my favourite meals however the one I cooked last night was the most zestful of them all. Dad bought all the ingredients for it that day and I was pesimistic of the volume it would produce. We’d agree to have half each though. The evening was coming quickly with the sunlight still dancing on the horizon. Harry, my brother, came back late as he went for a drink with his collegues after work. He quickly changed his mind about going to the gym because of the dancing sun. I thought he was joking but he seriously wanted to do anything else. He thought being inside on a day like this wasn’t fun. Eventually he agreed to give me a lift to the gym as he met friends in town. Whilst all this happened, Dad got on with his portion of the stir fry. Spending over an hour at the gym gave me time to smash some cardio and strengthen my back with weights. The car journey home was funny as Harry vented on about slow drivers. The closing of the day made that stir fry extra vestful. Filled with mushrooms, bean sprouts, lemon juice and spicey sauce. A soft tecture that was irrisitable.


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