Project Articulate #5


E.g. Skilful or genius with the movement of hands

Since I was a kid I’ve been dexterous with my right hand when sketching. Whilst relaxing with a friend of mine in the sun we came across this new word, on the way to finding a different word we’d been looking for. I was telling her about my progress of learning to write with my alternate hand (as I’m too dexterous with my right). She struggled to remember the word for confidently doing things with both hands so she spat out ‘hyper dexterous’. Laughing at that phrase I thought she was making it up. It simply means hyper mobility. Dexterous was the part I liked the sound of. She couldn’t find the word and gave up. Her mum told her it was ambidextrous. A quick search that ended in learning so much more than previous. Learning like this is enjoyable and why shouldn’t it be fun?! Pretty sure you’re allowed to have a good time even if you’re engaging in new knowledge. 
Anyway, you can thank me for giving you three new words today.


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