Project Articulate #4


E.g. to celebrate or honor

One of my closest friends chose to eulogise his 21st birthday with me yesterday. Just me. We spent the afternoon in a park. Walking whilst talking about problems. It was same old, same old but it still felt valuable for him to spend his time with me. I like to think time as the only currency and he doesn’t do gifts on birthdays so it was essentially shooting two birds with one bullet. Although, as a clay pidgeon shooter, he would stress how unrealistic that is. Full of jokes that guy is. The more we laughed, the more time seemed to stretch. I couldn’t have asked for a better day. Gone are the days where I want to throw a party for my annual reminders that I’m orbitting a massive ball of fire on a tiny dot in this galaxy. I want to spend it laughing with friends. This is the way I want to eulogise my life. 

What counts is who had the most fun!


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