Why Climate Change is ‘cool’ again

It would be nice if we saw a reverse in change in terms of Global warming, but sadly that’s not the case. This topic seems to be hot on the lips of everyone at the moment and I want to find out why.

Prince William came out yesterday warning of the threat of extinction, however this was after Stephen Hawkins predicted in a journal that our species probably won’t survive the next 1000 years. Before that, it was Leonardo DeCaprio’s documentary ‘Before the Flood’ which included John Kerry, Secretary of State, mentioning how we can’t keep running away from the impact of climate change on our oceans and landscapes. We’ve had James Cameron outspokenly accept that the sequel of Avatar will be about the importance of environmental conservation. Even I had a lecture recently about the anatomy of the Anthropocene from Jan Zalasiewiez, that tried answering the question of ‘are we entering a new geological time frame due to human activity’ – probably, mate!

Every man and his dog has given his opinion about Global climate change in the past 10 months. We know all the facts in previous years and we’ve seen disaster films, such as 2012 showing the destruction of our planet, so why now? why are people only starting to listen to scientific and political experts now? Why are we only taking action seriously this year? And how did we become so numb or oblivious to images of forest fires, storm surges and glacial retreat?

The truth is, 2016 has been the year of extinction. Seriously, it is! We said goodbye to our heroes in David Bowie, Muhammad Ali and Prince. The impossible in a Brexit and Trump election means that people feel the circumstances are bad as it is, so they vote for change (no matter the consequences). And now the topic of conversation changes to the extinction of our own species, potentially. Humans only realise they have to change when the chaos is so evident. When people are actually living it. Sometimes you have to experience the worst environments to be grateful for what you had and maybe we’ve gone to far to get it back to where it was.

Despite all the doom and gloom, all this talk has come at a time where we have resources to prevent it from becoming a sad ending. We are living in an age with solar panels that look exactly like roof tiles. Self-driving, electrical cars are soon on the market that will reduce traffic and optimise driving patterns. Young minds that are creating machines to clean up plastic in the ocean. Great innovators like Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, investing into general fusion – A Canadian company that is using different approaches to make fusion energy economically viable. All of this amazing potential and so much more.

This is why everyone is talking about it and this is why I’m hopeful for the future. Maybe after this year, we can be our own heroes.


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