We Need To Talk.

Today was a standard day. I woke up early for work. got paid. Socialised. checked my emails, as well as writing some, before catching up on notes for my studies. A typical standard day. And I’m glad that’s what it’s like as I feel more productive this way usually.

However, recently I’ve had a lot on my mind. As well as doing all those other things, I’ve been searching for summer internships intensively to try and get my foot in the door for a good, challenging, yet meaningful career when I leave uni (which is less than 16 months away). Maybe you can understand but for me it’s made it more confusing at times. It’s been more frustrating when I’ve been disappointed by the options, especially when I’m still not completely sure what I want to do. In recent weeks I’ve flipped from geohazards to Park ranging, from conservation to NGO work and even today I found out about the sustainable geosciences masters course that’s been put out on offer at Plymouth university next year. Again – Geology for Global Development sounds awesome but I want to see other parts of the world first.

With all this in my head, it’s no wonder I’ve had creative block and less time for my friends. There have been a few good ideas I could have blogged about although I’ve procrastinated hard this week. Writing something like this sounded easier today. More like therapy if anything.

And whilst I was breezing through my standard day of work. getting paid. Socialising. checking my emails and note taking – no one was trying to rob me, no one was trying to upset me and no one was trying to kill me. We forget that sometimes when we get so caught up. which is why the title is so important. Not just for me to be honest with my feelings, but how crucial it is for all of us to talk to one another when times get frustrating.

Reflections –

As for me, I think it’s important to have patience at this stage whilst maintaining the same level of effort. I continue to bump into old friends, experience deja vu and see double digits. Somehow I must be on the right track so I shouldn’t be that upset. Besides…

The problem is not the problem, the problem is your attitude to the problem. – Captain Jack Sparrow


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