Seeing is Believing

Todays blog is inspired by Alan Jones talk – ‘Seeing is Believing’. He highlighted that the brain can’t distinguish the difference between imagination and reality. A scientific project backed it up showing brain stimulation from two pianists, one playing with actual keys and the other using their mind. The results from the two graphs were nearly identical. This blows my mind. It’s crazy but it makes a lot of sense. It’s why you see Athletes practising the perfect move in their head before they achieve it. Something so simple, yet so inspiring.

Another lesson I took away from that lecture was how our brain creates perception through past experiences. For example, 2 children with different upbringings and past experiences will have different personalities and opinions on life. Doesn’t necessarily mean one is wrong and the other is right though. Lots of kids have grateful attitudes to life. They’ve learnt to have a positive impact on the world with nothing which is great. I hear a lot of people say our world is in chaos and on some kind of highway to hell. Now that’s not hard to believe when the media hands out poison on our papers and trash on T.V. That’s not hard to believe when we tune into this negativity every morning. Constantly living in fear of the next epidemic, war or financial meltdown. It’s great that we’re receiving so much information and learning so much more about our international relations, however what difference does it make?

By this point you’re probably thinking I have the words “Ignorance is bliss” inked onto my forearm. The reality is – the less you care, the happier you are.

My perspective is that there will always be positives and negatives, as with everything. Go back to the start and you’ll see everything is made of atoms. Atoms are made up of positive and negative electrons. In that sense, Earth should follow the same principle. One cannot live without the other. Too much positivity would create a perfect world and that’s too easy. So instead of migrating to another chocolate bar planet or communicating with another being light years away, I’d like to appreciate what we already have. I like this planet because it’s yet to be fully discovered. Mountain ranges in Pakistan are yet to be mapped. Tribal villages on Pacific islands have never made contact with modern civilisation. There’s so much more to explore. So I dare you to go out of your comfort zone and take a wander where you’ve never been before.

If someone wants to tell me the world is “not all sunshine and rainbows”, that’s their perspective. Their opinion doesn’t have to become my reality. In fact, you might be the type of person that doesn’t like this world one bit. You might feel like you don’t belong. In which case, it’s your responsibility to create your own world. Be dreamy. Because as a wise man said, the human brain can’t tell the difference between imagination and reality.


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